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What to pack for your China tour

When taking a trip to China it is very important to consider what to bring, especially with the new luggage rules recently established. A good rule to follow is, if you don't absolutely need it, leave it. Of course there are many items which you must bring to China to make your trip a more enjoyable one.

what to packOne of the most essential items for a trip anywhere, is a good camera and the necessary accessories. Cameras and camera equipment can be purchased in China, but it is generally more expensive than in the west. Film and batteries are inexpensive, but it is important to pick brand names you recognize to ensure quality.

Items such as toiletries, towels, umbrellas and raincoats, bags, batteries, and film can be purchased in China normally very near to your hotel, and at much cheaper prices than you would buy them for at home. The same name brand items you can find at home can be found in China, so why add the extra weight to your luggage by bringing them. You'll probably need that space for souvenirs.

If you are from a country that uses 110v in your home remember that China uses 220v and quite a few items might blow up if you try to use them, so a good converter is essential. Buy a good one. The cheap ones usually don't last for more than a few days before burning out and have been known to burst into flame on occasion.

Carefully considering what clothing to bring to China is essential. The weather in China varies greatly in different parts of the country. Do a bit of research ahead of time on the weather of the destinations you will visit before choosing what clothing to bring. Sites like Huangshan might be very hot at the base, but quite chilly on the top. Most Chinese people wear modest clothing. Don't bring anything too daring to wear or you will probably attract quite a bit of unwanted attention, especially outside of the major cities. It is imperative that you bring a good and comfortable pair of shoes. You will be doing a great deal of walking and hiking and without comfortable shoes, your trip will not be nearly as enjoyable as it could be. Sunscreen is another item that is very important to bring. It is sometimes difficult to find in China. It is important to plan your clothing well to get the most out of your tour.

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