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China is one of the most attractive countries for tourists for its long history, rich culture, and beautiful landscapes. However, planning a tour to China could be quite a daunting task. China-Travel makes it easy for you by providing useful and practical travel planning advice and guides.

China Travel Guides on Health and Safety Issues

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Health and safety are two very important topics to keep in mind both during the planning stages and while on your tour. This is a general rule also apply to your China tour. Take a good use of our health and safety guides, as well as basic common sense.

Travel Guides for Families with Children

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Traveling to China with your children is an amazing opportunity for them. It can open their eyes to the world and show them that much more lie beyond their home's borders than they could ever imagine.

China is the perfect place to bring a family because of its ancient history and remarkable culture.

What to pack for your China tour

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When taking a trip to China it is very important to consider what to bring, especially with the new luggage rules. A good rule to follow is, if you don't absolutely need it, leave it. Of course there are many items which you must bring to China to make your trip a more enjoyable one.

China Cruise Guides

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Cruises in China are amazing and are a wonderful break from all of the hiking you will do on your China tour. Look into them, you'll be glad you did. There are large cruises such as cruises on the Yangtze River through the Three Gorges and smaller cruises such as the cruise down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Tours & Routes, Where & How

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There are two basic types of China tours: Group Tours and Private Tours. To decide a tour route of your China vacation can be the hardest part at the planning stage, but well worth your efforts. Where to begin? How? You will find answers here.

Search for Reliable Travel Agencies, Guidance and Tips

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Searching for a travel agency is probably one of the hardest parts of travel planning to China. The best way is to find a Chinese tour operator based in China. Do it wisely, you will save the money paid for the intermediaries, and have nothing to worry except how much film and space in your luggage you have left.

How to Plan a Private Custom Tour to China

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Private and custom tours to China are without a doubt the best way to travel and nowhere near as cost prohibitive as most people would think. They are ideal because they offer tourists the chance to take a tour at their pace and focus on the things they find interesting and are especially great for families with children.

How to Plan a Package Tour to China

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Many people normally join a group of package tour to travel China. Two obvious advantages for joining a group of package tour over a custom tour are prices and less effort of decision-making required. There are many companies offering package tours on the Internet. However, it requires some skills to find the best deal.

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