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Transportation in China

China has been making huge investment into the country's transportation infrastructure, and has already made an impressive progress. This makes getting around China reasonably convenient.

By Air

Travel by air is the quickest and most convenient way to get around in China. All major cities and most tourist cities are linked by air. Almost all airports have shuttle buses providing paid transfer services. Taxies are also very convenient to find.

By Train

Getting around China by train or bus is the most common way to get to most cities. It is recommended that visitors be cautious about their belongings and personal safety while using these two modes of transportation. Beijing has two main train stations. The Beijing West Railway Station is located at Lian Huachi East Street and can be reached from the city center by bus. It is the one most commonly used by visitors because most of the trains that go to places outside the region begin at this station. The Beijing Railway Station is smaller than the Beijing West Railway Station.  Beijing also has several bus stations. Railway Station is the most useful for visitors. It has buses to most of the regions destinations. There are two basic kind of buses, Regular and Speedy. The Regular busses are slower and their condition is not as good as the Speedy ones.

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