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Great Wall hiking on Simatai section, an authentic experience

Hiking on the Simatai Great Wall section is also often described as an "authentic" or "wild" Great Wall experience. Winding cross the land on the mountain ridges, solely built by manpower during the ancient time, China's Great Wall has always been awe-inspiring to anyone who has come close to it. hiking on simatai great wallBeing through the warfare in the past hundreds even thousands years, the Great Wall still stands firm. Just like a Chinese saying "you are not a hero unless you climb on the Great Wall", the Great Wall is an irresistible place for those who want to proof themselves as the conquerors of the nature.

There many awesome sites along the magnificent Great Wall for hiking and trekking. You can choose from easy to hard level depending on your physical level. If you are up to challenge, the Simatai section will be ideal for you. The Simatai Great Wall is famous for steepness and queerness. The bacon towers and walls damaged in past wars and worn by the weather are remained in their original look without restoration and building of tourist facilities.

The Simatai Great Wall is located on the north of China's capital Beijing. The eastern part of the Simatai section is unbelievable steep sited on the sheer mountain ridge. When you climb on it, you will be stunned by ancient Chinese people's architecture skill. This part is the most exciting hiking site for brave tourist. There are four highlights namely Watching Beijing Tower, Fairy Tower, Heavenly Ladder and Sky Bridge. There are 16 beacon towers in the eastern of Simatai section. simatai great wallFrom the 14th beacon tower to the 16th beacon tower is the most precipitous and slope parts of the Great Wall. The wall between the 14th and the 15th beacon towers is called the Heavenly Ladder. The wall here stretches up on the steep mountain cliff, and is just more than half meter wide on the top of the wall like a ladder rising up into heaven. The 15th beacon tower therefore called Fairy Tower. It becomes more breathtaking when hiking goes ahead. You can get the feeling from its name: Sky Bridge. It is the 100m long wall between the Fairy Tower and the 16th beacon tower. It is merely 40 cm wide on the top of the wall. When you reach the 16th beacon tower, you have reached the highest point of the Simatai Great Wall, where the beacon tower is named the Watching Beijing Tower.

It is absolutely an unbelievable hiking experience on the Simatai section Great Wall. Not only the Great Wall itself but also the mountain scenery is stunning. Go ahead, proof yourself as a hero and reward yourself with a lifetime memory.

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