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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the museum showing where Shanghai urbanization is heading towards

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall located at the downtown Shanghai. City, People, Environment, and Development are the theme of this museum. It tells the great changes that have taken place in Shanghai, and exhibits the overall layout of the whole city including the future plan. It perfectly showcases Shanghai's past, present and future.

urban planning exhibition hallThe building itself is a perfect combination of traditional and modern architectural design. There are 5 floors up ground and 2 floors underground shaped like a city gate. The top of the building is white like four magnolias, which is the city flower of Shanghai. 

The first floor is the entrance and provides basic information about of Shanghai. The entrance hall is spacious featured a large revolving statue consists of Shanghai's most famous buildings.

The second floor illustrates Shanghai's past, showing how the city went from a small fishing village towards an international metropolis. Photos, movies, and moving models bring an old-day Shanghai right in front of your eyes.

urban planning exhibition hallThe third floor is Shanghai's present. A huge scaled-down model of Shanghai is located on this floor. The model is incredibly large in scale and accurate in detail. The city's landmark buildings under construction, such as new Global Financial Building, are also included in this model. A ballroom with 360-degree screen wall takes visitors into a panoramic trip of the city.

The fourth floor outlines Shanghai's future. Models and pictures are used to depict the future city plan of Shanghai. We will see things such as how the city's transportation network is going to be upgraded in the near future.

urban planning exhibition hallThe fifth floor showcases the 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai. In here you will see where the World Expo Park is located, and what the area is going to look like when completed. Once a country pavilion has its design finalized, it will have a scale-down model included here.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a great place that really helps visitors to get to know this dramatic city. It is an ideal starting point for a Shanghai city tour.

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