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Advantages of private tours to China

A private tour offers its customers incomparable personal care, handy services, time flexibility, and sense of control compared to group tours. Private and custom tours are extremely expensive and most Westerners planning a trip to China assume it is the same here.

This assumption is proved to be wrong. The prices for private tours in China range from affordable to luxury mainly depending on how luxury the hotels you want to stay, and how premium the service you would like to receive. No matter what level of luxury you choose, the prices are still far cheaper than in Western countries. A private tour to China offers so much more for tourists than a group tour can, although a little more expensive than a group tour. Compare prices, you'll be glad you did.

There are many advantages for private tours. They allow visitors to do exactly what they want, go to the sites that they find interesting, and eat exactly the type of foods they wish to eat. Tourists on a private tour never have to wait for slower group members, or hurry up to keep up with the group. People traveling on a private tour can speed through a site they find boring, or linger longer at ones they find interesting. It makes the entire tour experience more unforgettable.

For a family with children, a private tour is the way to go. Children do not always have the same attention span as adults, and with a private tour the tour can be altered to fit them. Also many fun sites, such as theme parks, and zoos can be added, and menu selections and restaurants can be adjusted to meet their needs.

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