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Geographic diversity boosts China's splendid landscape

Few countries boast such majestic and intriguing landscape as China, thanks to the infinite generosity and exhaustless bounty on the part of Mother Nature.

Along, the Lijiang River of Guilin, the mountains are statuesque and there is something dreamlike about them. The five holy mountains are marked for awesome heights and fabled and poetical associations, breathtaking is hardly an adequate word for the sights of the Yangtze River Three Gorges. The water bound country scene south of the Yangtze Rive is, in a nutshell, ethereal, Mount Huangshan is a paragon of alpine grandeur, while Mount Omei lures visitors from all over the world with an unmistakable religious aura. The Huangguoshu Waterfall tumbles down the brow of cliffs in a heroic fashion. At the Lunan Stone Forest, nature hews craggy rocks into a hundred and one exotic images. The vast prairies of Inner Mongolia ripple with lush meadows. In the northeast, rimed trees and snow-covered land transform the city of Jilin into a silvery wonderland that guarantees a unique sightseeing experience in subfreezing temperatures. No visitor leaves these places without feeling completely rested and satisfied.

China's long and winding coastline is indented by so many fine harbors and beaches cut out for the joy and relaxation of holidaymakers. A number of national holiday resorts have been established for those who care to go the extra mile and get lost in the natural beauty of China.

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