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Issues and trade-offs in planning a travel route in China

One of easiest ways to plan an incredible China tour is to find a reliable tour company and rummage through their package tours. Most tours have the same destinations and this is because they are the most popular destinations in China. That is a good hint to go by. There are some things in China that absolutely must be seen and every tour company goes to them. There are issues you should be aware of, and trade-offs you are going to face in planning a travel route.

The problem with many package tours is that they are too impersonal, or do not focus on the things you like. Many people love to visit temples, but many do not. If you choose a package tour you are usually forced to visit temples as almost all package tours to China include temple visit. The best way to avoid this and similar problems is to choose a tour company with private tours. Tour companies offering private tours normally have predesigned packages, routs or itineraries for you to choose, and allow you to customize the trip to fit your needs. That way you can look through their package tours, find one that interests you, and then add or drop things that you are truly interested in it.

There are two basic types of China tours: Group Tours and Private Tours. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. In a group tour a large group of people are brought together and go on the tour together. This gives people the chance to make new friends, and everything is planned out well in advance, so you don't have to worry about anything, just follow your guide. The disadvantage to a group tour is that the tour is not personal. You must follow a crowd of strangers and maybe have to linger at places you don't want to, or hurry through places in which you'd like to linger. Private Tours offer personalized service, and allow you to go at your own pace. Take your time, or speed up without worrying about what a group of strangers wants to do. Plus when designing a Private Tour you get to design it to meet your every requirement. It is truly your tour. This type of tour is great for families with children because everyone is personally looked after and this ensures everyone has a memorable tour. Private Tours are surprisingly affordable in China and for most people it is the only way to travel. The disadvantage to a Private Tour is that it can require more planning and research than a Group Tour. Of course when choosing a Private Tour you can just choose one of the company's package tours and not do any planning at all. Both ways are great ways to see China. It is just a matter of where your interests lie. 

Another way of designing a tour is to do it all yourself. Many people prefer to do it this way, although it takes a lot of work, research, and a bit of daring. This type of tour requires a person to design and arrange every aspect of their tour. Luckily with the use of the internet this process has been greatly simplified. Someone planning a do it yourself China tour must pick every destination, site, hotel, and restaurant. They must figure out where each site is and how to get to it. Many people forgo this entire planning process and just pick the destinations they wish to go and let their spirit guide them. They go to Beijing for example, and find a hotel, the sites, and restaurants once they arrive. This way takes a lot of courage, but it is also extremely exciting because you never know what you might discover along the way. This way of traveling also tends to make for the best adventures and greatest stories.

There are many ways to take a tour in China. How you do it is up to your own interests and budget. The important thing is not so much how you tour through China or what route your take, the important thing is that you do it. China is an amazing country which offers things not found anywhere else in the world.

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