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Suzhou Travel Guides

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Suzhou is a famous historic and culture-rich city famed for its silk industry and classic gardens. The classic gardens in Suzhou are not only large in number but also priceless and extremely sophisticated in terms of aesthetic and architectural value, giving the city the name of "Heaven on the earth" in history.

Hong Kong Travel Guides

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Hong Kong's jumping lifestyle, bustling shopping streets, fantastic theme parks, and delicious delicacies never fail to leave visitors happiness and joy. Its deep-rooted tradition has always fascinated visitors with there are always more to discover in Hong Kong.

Pingyao Travel Guides

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Pingyao is a World Culture Heritage site listed by the UNESCO for "an exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional Han Chinese city". Its ancient town is still looked like as it was in the last 500 years. Stepping into it, a full picture of Chinese culture and social development will be unfolded in front of you.

Xian Travel Guides

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Xian is a city of historic glory, served as the imperial capital to 11 dynasties since Chinese civilization rose as a nation around 2200 BC. There are abundant priceless historic and cultural relics in Xian including the world-renowned Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Empire.

Guilin Travel Guides

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Guilin, regarded by the Chinese as the most scenic place in the world, is definitely one of the best visit-worthy places in China in terms of picturesque landscape. Well-known internationally for its dramatic Karst peaks and limpid rivers, Guilin is also a region rich in ethnic minority cultures and historic relics.

Shanghai Travel Guides

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Shanghai, once the "Paris of the Orient", is now the shining star of china's thriving economy. The momentum and energy of this cosmopolitan metropolis has never ceased to amaze its visitors.

Beijing Travel Guides

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Today, Beijing is one of the most dynamic metropolises in the world with a blending of historic splendor and modern achievement. It is a city of legend and culture filled with excitement and surprise waiting for your discovery.

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