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Beijing first time became an imperial capital in 1153. Almost everything in this ancient capital has been made to match its status. Today, Beijing is one of the most dynamic metropolises in the world with a blending of historic splendor and modern achievement. Its ancient military fortifications, imperial palaces and parks never fail to awe visitors with their majesty and scale. The new high-rise skyline and remarkable modern constructions make travelers lost in its pulsing streets. Beijing is a city of legend and culture filled with excitement and surprise waiting for your discovery.

Great Wall hiking on Simatai section, an authentic experience

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The Simatai Great Wall is famous for steepness and queerness. The bacon towers and walls damaged in wars and worn in weather are remained in their original look without restoration and building of tourist facilities. It is often called the "wild" Great Wall with "authentic" experience.

Beijing's Hutongs, unique dwelling area and community

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Beijing has received a modern make over. A stroll through the city's Hutongs (narrow alleyways) reveals the charm of old Beijing. Hutongs are unique dwelling structures and a fundamental part of Beijing's city fabric in old days. They have been home of Beijing folks for centuries.

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